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Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have been so busy! Not too much time to blog. I especially feel bad that I haven't had time to look at other blogs. Sometimes I look but can't comment because I have babies trying to climb all over, pull the mouse down, pull the keyboard off the tray and so on. Here are some pics and updates. But then I need to go make bottles and get ready for nap time. (which I will participate in too!)

Morning ritual is a bottle of warm milk while watching Sesame Street

I stepped out of the room for a MINUTE! (maybe a couple minutes) and I came back to find Brandon inside the toy box!

Admiring the view

I can't believe Brandon and Faith will be 1 in 12 days!! They still look like little babies to me. NOT toddlers. They do so many things now. Clap, play peak a boo, point, dance, walk while holding on to things, eat everything and anything they can... and so on! Angel is flying in next Saturday. YAY!! Then we are having their bday celebration on Sunday. On Memorial Day, I am HOPING to see my long lost best buddy from High School. They will be driving home from a trip and will be close by on 95. I really want to see you Christy! And most of all to meet your family. I hope we can make that work.

On the 28th is Brandon's MRI. I am so nervous about that but have to get through things one day at a time. He falls over for no reason A LOT and bruises his forhead very easily. He also hold his head a lot which makes us wonder if he has headaches? The MRI should answer all of our questions. The 29th is their actual birthday. We will hopefully take them out for lunch or do something fun for them. Maybe go to a big park and have a picnic? Ooooooh, scratch all that. We should take the to the pool!! Bring your suit Angel!

It's been a hectic week! We found a buyer for our house, so that's GREAT news! We also said we will be out by or before July 31st. Before this buyer looked at the house, we spent 3 days preparing the house to be shown. Plus, we still had to work and take care of the babies. I lost a lot of what little sleep I already get during this past week. We decided to go for the 2nd house. Our offer was submitted to the sellers' realtor on Wednesday and we are STILL waiting for an answer today!! I am feeling so emotional right now. Not knowing is the worse thing. Plus, it's a waste of time. We could be bidding on other houses. Now that someone is meeting with their lender to purchase our home as I type, it is quite important to have a home to move into!

I had to sacrifice my nap the past 3 days. Tonight is my only night off this week as I am working over time to save $$$ for movers and furniture. So, I am going to take a nap now!


jennbecc said...

Thanks for the update Peggy! Don't feel bad for not having time to comment. Your life sounds very full right now! I hope everything falls into place perfectly! :)

Courtney said...

Cute pics. Hope you got to take that nap! Congrats on having a buyer for your house, here's hoping all goes well for the house you want to buy.

Tiff said...

Wowzers girl you have been busy! I can't belive those kiddos will be a year old! Can't wait to see birthday pictures!

Jill said...

Wow you have a lot on your mind! I will be praying that Brandon's MRI goes well, and if there is anything to do, that it is a quick and simple procedure (at least thats how I think about things- hope that doesn't bug you).