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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Brandon had his MRI done yesterday. We don't know the results yet. He was a little trooper. I woke him up at 5 am to get him ready. He was just as happy as could be! He stayed awake during the drive to the hospital. He played in the waiting rooms. The receptionist and the MRI tech had both told us that the anesthesiologist would take us back into the room while he was falling asleep and then again when they woke him. But instead, the anesthesiologist came out and talked to us and then took Brandon. :( We saw him again 45 minutes later when they wheeled him out of the room. He was out of it and he was angry! He cried a lot in the recovery room. I am not sure if all the stickers and wires were irritating him or just what was left of the anesthesia in his body that made him jerk around and stiffen up like he was having a temper tantrum. This is not like Brandon, he is a happy baby. He doesn't have tantrums. (like his sister does!!)
They observed him for about 15 minutes and then sent us all home. We gave him a bottle of cold juice in the car. He was himself again! He ate normal and acted normal all day yesterday. Come night time however, he didn't sleep well. He cried off and on all night. I am not sure why.
His pediatrician should be calling today (we were told) with an update of how the results look.


Tiff said...

I'm glad it went well. Keep us posted.

Greg & Joanna said...

I'm glad that part is over with and praying the results come in good and fast.