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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother/Daughter Tea Party

Saturday morning, Faith and I went a Mother/Daughter Tea Party that my mom invited us to at her Church in WV. It is always nice to have quality time alone with one of my kids:) This was our first "just the girls" occasion. It was also nice to see my parents, sister (Lynn) and my cousins.

A friend of ours gave Faith a cookie topped with yellow frosting. She played with it more than she ate it, and of course it was all over her dress.

At the end of the tea party, I had my mom open her gift. I ordered a personalized figurine from 'Bears in Chairs'. It is a couch with grandparent bears surrounded by all 9 of their grand"bears". Each bear looked a bit different and the couch had all of the names. The twins' bears had pacifiers. Mom liked it!

Thank you for invited us to tea, mom. We Love You!


Jill said...

That mother-daughter tea party sounds so precious. I would love to do that with Celia! What a nice dress on Faith. :)

Angel W said...

So sorry about the frosting. I hope it ocmes out of the dress. Everything looks so nice though. I am sure your tea party was lovely!