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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon and Faith!

Today is THE day! My babies are 12 months old today! Let's go back 1 year for a moment...

WOAH! Look at that belly! I was so nervous in this picture. My IV on my left wrist hurt and was puffy and the nurse was so concerned that the liquid was just filling up in my arm which made me even more nervous. I did like my nurse, however, she was so funny. She reminded me of the nurse/friend in the movie 'Where the Heart Is'.

In this picture, I am no longer feeling nervous. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty good! I was SO excited to meet Brandon and Faith! Scott was the sweetest most loving husband. He held my hand the whole time telling me he loved me and what a good job I did. (BTW - I had a scheduled C Section so I don't have any story about how I went into labor)

I LOVE this picture!! This is exactly what I saw when I looked over. I said "Awww, he is so cute!!"

I did not see Faith until they brought her to me. Her cord was wrapped around her neck 5 times!!! It took a little bit longer to get her out. Scott was so nervous. I told him to relax. I was calm. (it was the drugs) I thank God that I chose to have a C Section. If I had not, she may not have made it.

Here they are!! OMG, it seemed like forever before I could see them. Finally they were wheeled in my room! Of course they were wheeled in every 1-2 hours after that for feeding. NO REST right from the beginning!

Here we are TODAY! Angel, the babies and I went for a walk earlier in the day. We walked to the local coffee shop and had cold drinks and a sandwich. The babies each had a banana. The owner of the coffee shop came to talk to the babies. I have been going there since they were born! I will miss my local shopping center:(
Then we walked to the park. Faith loves the swings!

Brandon does not like the swings as much. We were lucky to make him smile for a minute.

I am trying to get Brandon to have a good time. It didn't work!

Pretty girl!! Faith is wearing a new sundress her Nana bought for her.

Brandon was ok while I held him in the swing. Maybe he is traumatized from our last park trip when he fell off a bouncy squirrel ride on. I don't know? Faith is much more adventurous than he is.

We are just hanging out for the rest of the night! They are going to wear their bday shirts and their bibs (THANK YOU JENNBEC!) tomorrow. They are in the wash today:( (mommy and her laundry - geesh)


Grammy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon & Faith!

Zack & Jake's Grammy

Tiff said...

YAY!!! Happy Birthday Brandon and Faith!!!

Katie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!! Peggy, I should congratulate you since you've made it through the 1st year! What an accomplishment!

I love the hospital photos-- remember those bellies we had? phew. Glad to hear that the c-section was scheduled since Faith had trouble with the umbilical cord. How scary that must have been.

Where are you moving to? I saw all the videos of you looking for the house, but haven't been online enough to see if you bought one. So we'll no longer be neighbors? If that's the case, we're getting together soon for a playdate. I'm out of school on the 18th. Will you be around here still?