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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ode to Wii

Gloomy I was, in the house all day.
The same ol thing, nothing to play.

The kids keep me busy and make me kind of dizzy.
Mommy needs a break! Her smile is growing fake!

Then one day to my surprise
Hubby came home and said “close your eyes”

I open my eyes and what do I see?
A medium white box, on top it reads “Wii”

Oh the games I can play
Hip hip HOORAY!

Golf, tennis, bowling and ping pong
I could play these games all day long
Boxing, baseball, hunting and pool
Zach did not want to go to school!

How can I play a game you say?
With little ones taking my time all day?

I will stand tall and play, it will be a real treat
Giggling and having fun with ankle biters at my feet!


Courtney said...

LOL, cute poem! Enjoy the Wii! We don't have one at home, but we do at work (for our participants, not us). I've played it briefly a couple times, it was fun.

Tiff said...

Your husband and Mine are on the same wave length!! He came home with one on Saturday! I'm so excited. My daughter loves the bowling. What is your favorite game???

jennbecc said...

I'm 2 hours and 22 minutes into my first day as a SAHM and I'm already bored. I'm currently hearing a combo of screaming and laughter thru the baby monitor when I should be hearing snoring. I think it might be time for a walk already! *LMAO*