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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yard Sale Madness Yard Sale Sadness

Yesterday was our community yard sale. Zach and I have been getting things together for the yard sale for weeks. 3 days prior to the yard sale, we started pricing stuff. The night before, I stayed up until 4 am pricing things and taking them down to the garage to be loaded into the truck. When my alarm went off at 6, I didn't want to move! My next problem was.. how was I going to get all the stuff to the yard sale lot???? My truck was packed full and I still had A LOT of stuff. Thankfully, my good friend and neighbor, Marsha, came to my rescue. She loaded her van with the rest of my stuff and off we went! THANK YOU MARSHA!

Here is our area after we set up. Marsha and I shared a space She was selling the table in the back, some clothes and this motorcycle! The rest of the junk you see was mine.

My parents showed up to help out/shop/visit. Oh, did I mention it was REALLY HOT?? I have a little sunburn on my face. Scott and the babies came by too. I walked around and bought some goodies for the babies. Some toys of course, 2 booster chairs for the kitchen (mainly for when we travel), a nice car seat for my car (still need 1 more for my car) and a safety gate. It was too hot so Scott took the babies home.

Here is the sad part... this picture was taken 30 minutes before the END! Look at all that stuff I still had?!?!?! I expected to sell a lot! But I noticed when I walked around, everyone's table had a lot of the same stuff! CRAZY! 10 minutes before the sale ended I had Zach run around and yell EVERYTHING FREE AT THIS TABLE!! Some people came and took some stuff... but I still had to bring some home. :(

The best part of a yard sale.. going home and playing with our new toys:) Here is Brandon trying out the new vibrating giggling Elmo chair. $3

A new ride on toy! And it's closer to the floor:) Cost: $1

My sister Lynn and nephew Topher also came by and took a lot of the stuff home, so that was nice. It was also nice to have family stick around to visit after the sale was over:)Proud Grandad


Angel W said...

I didn't take any pics at my yard sale. You're SO good at remembering to take pics even though your best friend BROKE your camera!

jennbecc said...

Sorry the sale was not a financial windfall but looks like you bought some fun stuff CHEAP! Way to go!

Lyn said...

Keep up the good work.