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Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Day in Review

I am trying to feed the babies 3 meals a day and I almost think it is too much for them. Well, not for Brandon. He never turns away from food!

Faith, however, did not want any more. For the 1st time ever, she passed out in her chair! (this was after lunch)

After lunch, we watched Barney. I will need to get Bran a more comfy chair!

Look at the size comparison between my baby girl and a bottle of beer! Wow!

Brandon climbs up into my lap. This is his new thing. If he sees mommy or daddy sitting, he crawls over and climbs up our legs.

I took a nap with the babies... don't know what time they woke, but I slept until 5:30! It was so nice. We decided to try a new Japanese steak house restaurant in our neighborhood. It was DELICIOUS!!! I forgot my camera:( The babies stared with amazement at the chef doing his show. Brandon cried a little in the beginning. Faith just watched. Too cute!


And now it is nite nite time. Ok, it has been about 3 days since I have read all my favorite blogs. I have just stolen a few minutes here and there to post on mine and I have not checked the others. Now I need to catch a nap before work. Tomorrow is another house hunting day! I promise to check in with all my blog buddies and their little darlins tomorrow. Good night all!


Angel W said...

Loved your day in review. Good luck on your house hunting today!
Love ya!
Oh, Brandon's eyes looked really red in one of those pics. Is he ok?

Tiff said...

Poor Faith. You wore her out!! I love there chubby little cheeks!