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Friday, April 25, 2008

House Hunting = TAKE2

We saw 6 houses today I think? Incredible. Today was a turning point for us. We knocked down our list of homes to see quite a bit after today. We only need to go out 2 more times I think. I have pics of 2 houses for you today. Why only 2? Because, after the 2nd house I saw, I was speechless and could not even lift the camera to my face again. Nothing else could compare... LOL.
I Love BOTH of these houses!


I really want a front porch with a swing!

This is the view of the dining room from the living room.

Living room


Family room

Part of the basement! There is a longer side of the room too which we could put our entertainment center, a couch and maybe our pool table some where in here. Also there is a separate room for a play room. I did not take a picture of each room, only some highlights. The bedrooms are very spacious! (4 of them upstairs)

HOUSE2 (Grand Finale so far!)

This house does not have a front porch, but does have this cool screened in back porch. Plus an outside part of the deck! Plus a swing down below over the patio where you can sit and watch your kids play..... ****FANTASIZING****

Oh the kitchen, OH THE KITCHEN! Granite counters, chrome appliances, tile floor, stone walls.... Oh and by the way, off to the right of the kitchen is a formal dining room with a beautiful crystal chandelier. Maybe a bit too fancy for us, but we can decorate it and leave it alone. Off to the left of the kitchen is.......

This FABULOUS family room!!!! With cathedral ceilings and skylights!! See the loft up above?? That is a "study" area with glass french doors to the hallway and built in shelves.

This is the master bath with a BIG FAT tub with jets!!

This is the basement. A very unique basement! This part was one long room with a full fridge in a cubby area off to the side. See the other room way back there? You step down into it. It has shelves also. We picture that room as the playroom.

This is the 1st part of the basement when you walk downstairs. Also down in this basement is a huge full bathroom.

Here is part of the back yard. There is a paved path right there which leads to the common area tot lot. See it??? How close is that???

It also has a creek back here with a little bridge. Then there are move paved walking/jogging paths. I believe further down the path is a basketball court and a pond.

SIGH this is the staircase. It is the most beautiful stair case. We give this house a 10!!!! However, the 1st house above does have everything we wanted in a house and is quite a bit less. Quite a bit. Quite. So, I call this house, my "dream" house.

Next house hunt day is Tuesday!


Greg & Joanna said...

Wow, I love house # 2! But I also like house #1 as well. This is like watching house hunters - lol :).

LOCnHEART said...

I agree with joanna... I liked both houses but #2 is the bomb! The way you describe these houses is like watching house hunters. We watch it all the time, I know whichever house you decide on...will be your home. Because home is where the heart is. Love U and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok I guess you are really looking I like both houses I think you should watch hidden potinal it is on hgn it is the best show and you can make any house any way you want well we love you mandy ethan and Marcus

Angel W said...

I like both houses. can't wait to come and visit you when you move!!!

Jill said...

they are both gorgeous homes. I agree #2 is a dream house!!

jennbecc said...

I can't wait to see "The One!" I want a new house now! We did some house hunting when we were in Pennsylvania visiting when I was pregnant. I couldn't believe how much house you can get for the same or less than you can get in California. I think I need to move to the East Coast!