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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Walking Away my Pounds!

I just ordered the new 'Walk Slim' program from Leslie Sansone! I love Leslie's weight loss programs. I have a couple of her 'Walk Away the Pounds' videos and they have been proven to work. I lost weight doing her videos early last year. Well, I found all the weight I lost PLUS a lot more so I decided to try a new Leslie video. You can see how much I have gained just by looking at my wedding pics and comparing them to the "after twins" pics I have here on my Blog. I have gone from a size 10 to a size 16. So many people tell me not to worry about my weight because I just had twins. If I listened to that advice and didn't do anything about it, I would just gain more and more and it would get out of control. Plus my dr called and told me I have high cholesterol so I have to diet and exercise to bring it back down. My BF Angel told me about Leslie Sansone. Angel lost ... I don't even know how much, but a lot!! She looks FABULOUS!! She is my motivation. I NEED motivation becasue I am so tired all the time from working the night shift and then taking care of the babies during the day, I never feel like doing anything!! It will be hard, but I have to push myself to exercise. I am already doing the diet and have been since July 5th. I did lose 10 lbs without exercise, but I am stuck. Working out regularly should jump start my weight loss again. I look forward to updating my blog with some success stories! Maybe I can find a weight loss ticker to post. Wish me luck:)

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Angel Wilde said...

I have gained SO much weight back. I better get a ticker too!