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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How Much Did This Cost? Coupons! Coupons!

I love money saving coupons! Sometimes I get lazy and I don't use coupons. Since the twins, I can not afford to be lazy. I went to Target yesterday because we needed formula. Scott was at work so I had to pack the kids in the truck in our 107 degree weather!! (at least that is what the heat index was) I was SO careful as to not let the twins' little lungs have to breathe in too much of the heat. I quickly took them from their car seats to the stroller and ran into the store! So everything I bought was for the twins. Oh, besides the little monkey, that was for Zach. (it was $1) How much $$$ do you think I spent? Each can of formula is $24. The whole picture here was purchased for under $150! That, my friends, is a deal. I have an awesome Target coupon for Gerber products which is why I have started to purchase the baby food. We are not on solids yet! But when the day comes, we will be ready:)


Angel Wilde said...

Good girl! Don't you love saving money? I need to get going on my coupons ans start saving more money. Make sure you tell me about any great deals you find!! (besides baby deals...LOL)

SB said...

have you called the 800# listed on the formulas and diapers that you used and told them that you are the mother of multiples? They USUALLY send you gobs of coupons when you do that. If you would like, I'll save my diaper coupons for you. Are you totally brand loyal?